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The Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Center is a public scientific and technological establishment responsible for scientific research, this new center is charged to realize, in a close collaboration with institutions and structures in this sector, scientific research and technological development programs in the field of pharmaceutical sciences, especially in:
  • The promotion of research in terms of active principle of drug
  • The mastery of pharmaceutical efficacy based on fundamental knowledge,
  • The modeling of drug exposure and its determinants,
  • The development of pharmacology, in particular in the area of chronic pathologies,
  • The valorization of the scientific research results and the activation of technological standby,
  • The promotion of anti-doping research, and the contribution, in its field of competence, to health security,
  • The development of biomedicines,
  • The modeling and optimization of drug manufacturing processes,
  • The design and production of prototypes for the manufacture of drugs
  • The carrying out of animal experiments and the development of experimental and clinical trial protocols,
  • The initiation of actions in order to boost national and international scientific cooperation in the field of vocation of the

Performance, Excellence, Innovation